The Bride

Kathryn "H." Burkett: a bacon-wrapped enigma, wrapped in a mystery, with a creamy caramel center. Wait, that sounds gross. And she's actually very honest and dependable. Which sounds boring. But it isn't, it's awesome. Let me start over.

Kathryn "H." Burkett: she's most bodacious. I was immediately taken by her intellect and charm, which often manifests itself in intensely adorable ways. On one of our early dates, we wrote a story together about a sentient robotic refrigerator and the President that foolishly deigned to control him. How could I possibly avoid falling in love with her? She's a fantastic writer and has a passion for learning, and has two degrees for film and English to prove it. She also aspires to get her Master's in publishing.

She's lived all over these United States, from Illinois, to Florida, to Texas, and Kansas. When we met, she lived in Lawrence, KS, and the drive to see her was always worth it.

Her parents are Rick and Lisa Burkett, both of whom are very fun conversationalists. They are very proud of raising such an incredible daughter, and they deserve to be. Kate also has an older brother, Sam, who I've only had the opportunity to meet once–but he seems like a friendly guy!