The Groom

Ryan D. Herriman is this super awesome guy I met and instantly loved. I'm fairly certain he is the most perfect specimen of XY chromosome-formation ever created. A little known (and completely fictitious) fact is that the D in his middle name stands for "Danger," which is a surname I briefly considered adopting so that my post-nuptial name could be "Kate Danger."

Ryan grew up in Lee's Summit, MO, but when I met him he was living and working in Kansas City, MO. He's a web developer, and a very talented one at that, who shames me in his occupational accomplishments. He works for Ebeacon, an independent website-building company located in the Crossroads district.

Ryan really is the greatest guy I know. He is intelligent, compassionate, and loves with his whole heart. Just being near him makes me smile. Besides that warm-fuzziness, he's also adept at playing the guitar (of which he has six) and interjecting witty, charming comments into any conversation. Oh yeah, and he's quite handsome, too.

Ryan is the son of Dave and Sue Herriman. Surely, they are the source of his kind, compassionate, and inviting nature. He also has two younger brothers, Sean and Ian, who from what I've heard and seen are pretty cool dudes.