Our Wedding Vows

This has taken entirely too long to put up, I know! Kate knows. Everybody knows! So, sorry about that.

A lot of you expressed to us how much you enjoyed our wedding vows, and so I mentioned weeks ago that we would share them with you here. When I failed to put them up in a timely manner, we were asked (repeatedly!) when they would be up. So, I guess you guys really did like them! That's great! Thank you.

And so now, without further stalling…


I swear to you in front of these friends, family, and vendors, that I will always be your faithful and loving husband. I promise to cherish you tomorrow just as fanatically as I do today. I will stand by your side during the good times and bad times, yet stand a courteous distance away while I clean the litter boxes.

I promise to drop everything to sing 80’s synth-pop classics and watch science fiction with you, any time you desire. I will sing our future children lullabies, and tell them the stories we write together.

You are my best friend, and I could not be more excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

I love you, and want to thank you for loving me back.


I promise you today that I’ll never forget how loving you made me a romantic. Before I found you, I would cringe at every cliché, but now I shrug because they all make sense. You changed everything for the better.

I promise you that I’ll always appreciate you. When the time comes, I’ll teach our kids to laugh, and to enjoy life… and any sports you never played. When I withdraw, I’ll know it, and try my hardest to communicate.

I promise to buy all the foods you like from the grocery store when I’m there, up until the day all the processed meat raises your cholesterol to dangerous levels, and then I’ll make you eat what I do so I can keep you longer.

You’ve made my life immeasurably brighter. I want to marry you, and always be with you, until the moment I’m extinct.